Since the publication of her first book, The Sole Spokesman, in , Ayesha Jalal has been Pakistan’s leading historian. Educated at. The Sole Spokesman: Jinnah, Muslim League And Demand For Pakistan ( Cambridge South Asian Studies) Cambridge Studies By Ayesha Jalal Online. Thomas R. Metcalf; ayesha jalal. The Sole Spokesman: Jinnah, the Muslim League, and the Demand for Pakistan. (Cambridge South Asian.

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It was easier for them to partition the subcontinent and let these areas go.

Vande Matram isn’t the national anthem of India. When Jawaharlal Nehru made the plea for Partition as opposed to sharing power, Azad was still arguing that sppokesman Congress should make some concessions to keep the Muslims within India.

I shall be happy writing about culture and wonderful intellectual stuff, such as mushairas, but will it give me a perspective on where Pakistan is today? Without Quaid’s support Pakistan would not have been able to gain jalall.

The Sole Spokesman: Jinnah, the Muslim League, and the Demand for Pakistan

I suggest everybody read Stanley Wolpert books on partition to understand the main characters Jinnah, Nehru and Gandhi. The prognosis of the subaltern school was very good but their actual work showed very poor results.

Hindus fear that rising Muslim population may hamper their majority while Muslims feared rising Hindu population would hamper their well being.

Amjad USA Apr 12, No use kalal the past but lets work to see how we can live like decent neighbours where one does not interfere in others affairs and develop friendship and build our common cultures. They neither intermarry nor interdine together and, indeed, they belong to two different civilizations which are based mainly on conflicting ideas and conceptions.


In one way, Partition made Manto what he is but, in another way, Partition killed Manto…. Jan 22, Aziz rated it liked it Shelves: If Jinnah wanted a Pakistan, then he would have allowed this, but he did not allow this because he wanted to ensure that Muslims from those provinces where they were xpokesman a minority also got something.

Punjab and Bengal would have called the shots. It is easy to understand and read.

Ayesha Jalal – Wikipedia

It provides some insights into the politics of the Pakistani borderlands that relate to the area known as “Pashtunistan”. Shairu Apr 17, Actually nobody ever could know himself or herself that what they could do in such situations like partition.

Historians have failed to look for their correspondence,plus letters from Shah of Iran, Aga Kana, Tayabji and ruler of Hyderabad. There was no contradiction in spokesmwn.

Jun 27, Indeneri rated it did not like it Shelves: This book investigates soel Jinnah proposed to slokesman the contradiction between assertions of a separate Muslim “nation” and the need for a strategy which could safeguard the interests of all Indian Muslims. She has also written a monograph on the historical evolution of the concept of jihad in South Asia.

To appreciate Professor Jalal’s work one needs to grow beyond the narrow definitions of patriotism.

So, truths should be revealed about the past as it may generate a hope for the future. There is no point in discussing whether partition was right or wrong. It was reciprocity of sloe – the rights non-Muslims will have in Pakistan will be guaranteed if the rights of Muslims in Hindustan were protected. Read it if you are interested in it.


It does not matter who wanted partition or not. Jinnahs Pakistan and the Cabinet Mission plan. To find a niche for yourself was not an easy thing. Rizwan Apr 12, People don’t even know there is a need for decolonisation of the mind. Seven years later Pakistan was created amidst a communal holocaust of unprecedented proportions.

The borders that emerged were not what Jinnah was thinking of. Jinnah, the Muslim League, and the Demand for Pakistan. Well her responses were interesting but was very ‘discursive’.

Their concept of jihad is a function of disappointments with epokesman postcolonial state and the desire to win sovereignty. The Sole Spokesman is the single most influential academic work on the dynamics of the Pakistan Movement and the role played by Muhammad Ali Jinnah in it.

A good account of events, though her central thesis is probably exaggerated. It is also a function of the fact that the post-colonial state and its elites are seen to be in cahoots with the West.