AN AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION POPULAR PAPERBACK FOR YOUNG ADULTS! Now a major motion picture! Melodramatic, yet lovable Lola vies with. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Dyan Sheldon, Author Candlewick Press (MA) $ (p) ISBN Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and millions of other books are available . Dyan Sheldon is the author of many books for young people, including My.

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It has made me want to read the sequel one day when I need another quick and happy read.

After sobering Stu up with some coffee in a diner, Ella, Lola, and Stu himself get escorted by the police to the station. One morning Lola’s favorite band, Sidartha, break up and are doing their last ever concert together in New York City.

Are girls worse athletes, better nurses, much more accomplished at cleaning toilets? Eighth Teenage Bites 1. This method — freewheeling teenzge plot or synopsis, or even characters or title — is novel writing as adventure. American by birth, she lives in North London.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

That made Lola officially the zheldon of Carla, which mean Lola was the public enemy in the school. Apr 23, Allen rated it really liked it. I don’t remember the ending of the book, but by the end o I read this book a couple of years ago as Disney made a movie out of it, and if a book has been made into a movie, I like to try and read the book first.


Being a drama queen, Lola can’t stop herself to tell people in front of Carla, of course that she was also got the ticket, and would attend the party as well. The diner where Angel, the heroine, works, is the best diner in town. My short stories have appeared in the following anthologies: The principal of their school.

Walker Books – Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Death is the end of cinfessions story for the person who dies, but not for the survivors. Carla then convinces Mrs Baggoli to have the Pygmalion show at her mansion much to the disappointment of Lola.

Jun 08, Louise Moore rated it liked it Shelves: Aug 30, Stephanie A.

She was hit by a car late one stormy night. On page 26, I found out I don’t like drama queens, but to give it one last chance, I finished the chapter. What were they like?

And would like to thank Dyan personally! Nothing really new, just a light reading that comes a guilty pleasure for me. Which is the situation my heroine, Michelle otherwise known as Mike finds herself in. Writing in alternate chapters for each, she weaves the story confeseions from two quite different viewpoints. When Lola’s and Ella’s favorite band Sidhartha, breaks up, they are thrown into extreme depression.

Superior comic writing combined with a major snark factor turns this full-on chick-lit outing into major fun Lola more or less insisted on coming back just one more time. The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm.

Candlewick Press – Essentials

I am usually annoyed by the YA novels Hollywood chooses to adapt, but they made a good pick with this one. But most teenage girls can be annoying. The men were worried. She and Ella journey to Manhattan to buy tickets to the show. Who were her closest friends? These men were worried. The movie of the same name is also entertaining but a lot of the subtlety of the book is lost in the adaption. In order to become Queen Bee she must contend with Carla Santini, the school’s most popular girl, who has no intention of vacating her place in school society.


But all this changes when she is forced to move from her beloved Manhattan to the boring suburbs of New Jersey. I figured that I’d try the book, just to see how similar the movie was to it.

Carla lies to make other people look worse. Lola, unable to buy a decent dress at any second hand shop, gets Sam Creek to help her sneak the Eliza Doolittle dress for her to wear at the Sidartha concert. Falling in love blends with saving the earth in Sheldon’s latest novel, and both dramas are passionate, urgent, transforming, and hilarious.

Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix. This is a funny little read. Relating to the characters in this novel was a challenge for me. Lola might not be a character you like, but you definitely root for her.