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Savage Dragon #223

The genesis was to try and come up with a more satisfying solution to a problem than what has been done thus far. By creating an account, you verify that 2#23 are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Dragom.

Compared to similar drayon at other publishers, how would you say a character as erratic as Glum changes the trajectory of the story? She seems so baffled by his reluctance to jump right back in. That serves no purpose. It’s not just Jennifer, there are Raptures and others in the mix as well.

Image Comics What will come of it? Is that an intentional parallel or just two vaguely similar ideas happening around the same time? Man, somebody as short-sighted and selfish as Glum having Darklord levels of power seems like a genuinely terrible idea.

And even a kid wanted to emulate their parent or sibling — they can never be that and they will always be different to some extent.

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You can pick up Savage Dragon at your local comic shop, or order a digital copy here. In today’s issue of Savage Vragoncreator Erik Larsen took a potentially drastic step, giving a supervillain Mister Glum the power and dgagon to remake the multiverse in his image. Was the idea of bringing in Marsha mostly to set the stage where Malcolm has a lot of similar characters to what Dragon had in the early days?

Register – Forgot Password. If I end up thinking about something a whole lot it goes somewhere.

This was the plan from the get go. Now, the dynamic is very different because these characters are very different. Well, it’s difficult to say, other than the fact that by the time the story is over, we do know that Dragon will have powers back at least temporarily and there will be a giant throwdown between Team Dragon and Team Glum.

This whole idea sprang from my own thinking about Marvel and DC events and crossovers and tampering with continuity.

And the new kids are, well, new kids. There’s a whole lot of planning ahead that I do in the book. More on that later. Did you shorten this from a more “typical” arc length because there’s an anniversary issue coming up?

Savage Dragon #223 (Apr 2017, Image)

Did those drones actually come from Earth, or does it even matter? Either choice is going to change relationships, although, to some extent, Angel might me somewhat relieved to not be related to Malcolm by marriage, given their child together.


What will come of it? Even SuperPatriot, Barbaric and Ricochet are different because 20 years have passed. Was it just something to set Glum off?

But to answer the question more succinctly —no, there is no plan to pair baby Angels up with baby Dragons. Dragon and Malcolm are a prime example. But deagon will be a longer issue — even if it requires more pages to ur a bow on it — I have those pages available to me. Only time will tell how this group clicks as a unit.

Savage Dragon # (Apr , Image) | eBay

From the dragln, actually. Mister Glum, who wants to rewrite reality so that Angel Murphy is in love with him, is playing with cosmic fire, here, and today’s issue is where he lights the match. The drones did come from Earth.