Starcraft has ratings and 24 reviews. Joe said: Arcturus Mengsk is a 2nd-tier villain in the world of Starcraft; a series of popular video-games. Men. StarCraft: I, Mengsk (Blizzard Legends) Sixty-thousand light-years from Earth, the corrupt Terran Confederacy holds the Koprulu sector tightly in its tyrannical. On the Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty soundtrack is a track called “I, Mengsk.” Within is a tenor duet that is apparently an homage to the Brood.

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Dmitri Yarynych rated it liked it Mar 08, Feb 05, Jeremy rated it liked it.

Well that was the type of person Arcturus was and I liked him for it. I would s In view of the bad reviews here, this book actually took me by surprise. Was it better to be killed by a good-looking marine or an ugly one? To ask other readers questions about Starcraftplease sign mrngsk. In exchange you get life-like characters, whom you can symphatize with, despise, or even hate.

Starcraft: I, Mengsk

Refresh and try again. Thanks for telling mejgsk about the problem. The changes in perspective made this a fun book to read, not just in a recreational manner, but to a small extent as an intellectual activity.

The destiny of the Mengsk family has long been tied to that of the Confederacy and the Koprulu sector, but as a new empire rises from the ashes of the past and alien invaders threaten the very existence of humanity, what will the future hold for the next generation? This is probably the best “tie-in” novel I’ve read. Mengsk is an aristocratic politician with a gentile southern accent and the tactics of a tyrant.


The core of the story is good, because this is Starcraft after all, but too much time is spent getting from one point of the story to anothe This book is simply too long.

I, Mengsk by Graham McNeill – Book Review [Eroldren] « Book Reviews « The Founding Fields

It’s a story of growing and learning and making mistakes, as well as the legacy of family, and it was interesting to see where all that is Mengsk actually came from — and what it led to.

Return to Book Page. This book comes from a point in time where videogame novels could suck and still sell, and it really, really shows. Articus spends his childhood rebelling against his Dad and then does not meengsk he is treating his son the same way.

I tried to read it all, to be interested in what was written, but no chance. This rises to laughable proportions towards the end of the book, when Valerian sees a marine and But that’s where my praise mengs.

Dec 19, Jingjing Chen rated it it was amazing. We respect your email privacy.

Proberbly the best of the StarCraft novels. This book drags all the way to the end, with too much mengsl, uninteresting action and long dialogues. The writing, too, is atrocious in places.


This book was a bit of a chore to get through. Mar 21, Magyarvandor rated it really liked it.

Okay, I might be slightly biased here because I read this after Flashpoint mejgsk, where Valerian really shines. A surprisingly-compelling and deep portrayal of the old adage “like father, like son”, McNeil’s chronicle of the grand enemy of Blizzard’s universe is a page-turner. It was also a story of generations, which I wasn’t expecting, but which was also done very, very well.

Besides, it was something to help me ease out the long years of waiting for the release date of StarCraft II: Danny Wetzstein rated it really liked it Sep 18, mebgsk Arcturus Mengsk fe Arcturus Mengsk mengzk a 2nd-tier villain in the world of Starcraft ; a series of popular video-games.

However, I doubt that the latter part is mentioned there just as well with any other source material. Most of the dialogue is painful to read, especially when you add the in-game southern drawl to it.